Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2022

January 25, 2022
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There were many advances in recruitment throughout 2021. Candidates took the lead in the job market, which brought a renewed focus on employee experience and a sustainable work-life balance. Candidates want to see fast and communicative hiring pipelines and to meet employee expectations, there is a rise in automated hiring processes. To improve the candidate experience, many recruiters are likely to embrace the on-demand interview model.

To stay relevant with the recruitment trends of 2022, pay attention to how recruiters are prioritizing their candidate experience. The job market in 2022 will be led by the candidate’s expectations. This means employers are implementing mental health resources, mitigating bias, and using AI and automation for a fast and communicative interview process.

👥 The Year of the Candidate’s Market

The COVID-19 pandemic led many corporations to a remote model and added stress for many employees. As more employees began to work from home, their stress levels increased while their workload stayed the same or potentially grew. Employees experienced more poor mental health symptoms and many corporations didn’t have the capacity to provide sufficient support.

In 2022, employees are looking for: 

  • Job support
  • Higher pay
  • Better work/life balance

When these needs were not met in 2021, it led to The Great Resignation, where 11.5 million workers quit their jobs.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 59% of recruiters experienced an increase in turnover rates. Candidate needs are starting to contribute more to the job market, as 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers are seeing the labor market become more candidate-driven. As employers learn about this shift, it is essential for recruiting strategies to become more candidate-friendly. Recruiters can prepare for this in 2022 by creating an intentionally seamless hiring process with a quick time-to-hire.

🎖 A Focus on the Employee Experience

Recruiters must create a simple and pleasant candidate experience throughout their hiring process. Candidates do not want to wait more than a week to be offered a job opportunity. Candidates are discouraged from job opportunities when they have to call a recruiter multiple times for one interview. Recruiters may also deter candidates by keeping them in the dark before or after their interviews. To foster a positive candidate experience in the coming year, focus on ways to accelerate interview times, make interview schedules more flexible, and clarify the timelines and expectations of the company.

However, a pleasant candidate experience is not the only experience that matters. Once hired, employees are looking for additional benefits and incentives for them to remain with the company. In today’s work culture, this means work-life balance and the flexibility for hybrid or remote work options.

Since the pandemic, 76% of employees reported at least one mental health symptom. This percentage has risen from 59% in 2019. Employers will have to adapt to this increase in mental health symptoms to improve retention. According to the Mercer 2021 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, 76% of employers have reported that addressing the emotional and mental health of their employees is becoming a top priority over the next 3-5 years especially.

The push towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitment is an extremely important aspect of the hiring process. A company that prioritizes DEI makes its employees feel welcome and encourages them to stay in their current positions. As candidates lead the job market, 49% of recruiters reported that candidates are asking about their company’s DEI commitments. Candidates want to be confident that their potential employer reduces bias and prioritizes inclusivity.  

💥 A Rise in AI and Automation

In 2022, we will likely see more organizations stepping away from individual candidate screenings. Instead, many companies are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Recruiters will increasingly rely on AI and automation software to find, screen, schedule, and even chat with prospective candidates. Automation and AI tools are helpful for all recruiters and are especially essential to those hiring in high volume.

Because of the continual technological advancements in the recruiting industry, many companies hope to employ tools that help automate their recruiters’ more time-consuming administrative tasks. This way, they can spend more of their time hiring quality candidates. These time-consuming tasks consist of scheduling with prospective candidates, repetitive phone interviews, and the back and forth internal reviews of any potential candidates. With software that utilizes AI and automation, recruiters can handle these time-consuming tasks and expand their teams output. Employers should consider implementing asynchronous phone interviews as the first step towards helping their team win in 2022.

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