How Self-Guided Interviews Can Free up Thousands of Dollars for Recruiters

October 28, 2022
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The labor market is incredibly dynamic and competitive; recruiting teams must be the same. That means applying the right tools and methods to keep a leg up on the competition.

The best tools available to recruiters save time and money while providing the best possible hiring process. After all, the primary goal of a recruiter is to shorten the time-to-hire while finding the best candidates to fill vacant positions. Speed and efficiency are the key metrics when measuring the effectiveness of a recruiting team.

Recruiters can easily save time and their budget with self-guided interviews.

What Are Self-Guided Interviews?

A self-guided interview is simply an interview in which each side of the conversation takes place at different times. The recruiter provides a candidate with prerecorded interview questions. The candidate, in turn, picks a time to answer.

Qualifi’s research found that the flexibility of self-guided interviewing offers 75.5% more responses than traditional phone interviews. This spike in response is because Qualifi’s self-guided interviews enable your recruiters to record their interview and send it to every applicant at once. Self-guided interviewing saves an incredible amount of time and money for recruiters.

Time Savings

Finding the time for an interview that works for both a recruiter and a candidate can be a hassle. The time it takes to schedule and conduct an interview is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the hiring process. Time spent scheduling is time recruiters can’t use on the most important tasks, such as actually screening candidates. Even then, screening itself can be a serious time sink. As a result, the interview process is the biggest hindrance to achieving a fast time-to-hire.

With self-guided interviews, recruiters can eliminate much of this wasted time, and skip straight to screening the most qualified candidates. Rather than spending at least 30 minutes per interview per candidate, a self-guided interview can be screened in 3 to 5 minutes.

Check out this ROI calculator to see how supercharged efficiency looks for your team.

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Cost Savings

Money is time; time is money. We’ve all heard the line, and for a good reason. It’s true.

The time saved on scheduling interviews and an improved time-to-hire correlates directly to cost savings. According to Zippia, the cost to employers to fill a vacant position is $98 a day. That can lead to a cost of over $4,000, with the average time-to-hire being 42 days.

Recruiting teams who utilize self-guided interviews can recruit seven times faster than those who don’t, drastically reducing the cost of hiring.

Qualifi’s on-demand interview platform allows recruiters to interview potentially hundreds of candidates overnight. What’s more, it utilizes machine learning and keywords to put the most likely candidates at the top of the list for your recruiters. That means you can start by screening the most qualified candidates with faster and better results.

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