Audio Alternatives to Video Interviewing Platforms

November 28, 2022
Leila Spann
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The labor market is becoming increasingly more competitive, pushing recruiters to change how they interview. Many recruiters are turning to one-way interviews — a process that allows them to automated the initial screening process. Taking the time to schedule each phone screening, then asking the same initial interview questions of every candidate, takes up valuable time and causes many recruiters to miss out on top talent. Glassdoor even notes that phone interviews can add 6-8 days to the hiring process. One-way interviews (also called on-demand interviews) help recruiters narrow down their applicant pool and make an offer quickly to secure the best talent.

Recruiters are more focused than ever to improve their time-to-offer to hire the best talent in the labor market before their competitors. Forbes notes that the best candidates are off the market in just 10 days. The speed it takes to bring in quality hires takes more than what traditional interview methods can provide. That is why one-way interviews are more essential than ever to help recruiters stay competitive and effective while pursuing the most qualified candidates.

Read more about the difference between on-demand video interviews and on-demand phone interviews:

On-Demand Phone Interviews vs. HireVue

HireVue is a popular hiring platform known for its on-demand video interviewing software. It allows for candidate tracking and features API integration as well as a host of other features, including game-based assessments, and multilingual configuration for up to 40 languages.

According to G2, HireVue’s essentials start at $35k, and the platform is recommended for enterprises with 2500-7500 employees. As such, it’s focused on larger companies.

However, there are some technical drawbacks to this platform. User reviews have reported video footage becoming garbled and laggy with odd delays. Furthermore, other reviews have described the platform as unfriendly to first-time users and reported negative feedback from candidates on follow-ups.

Contrast these drawbacks with on-demand phone interviews, whose straightforward design and low technical requirements rarely encounter these problems.

On-Demand Phone Interviews vs. Modern Hire

Modern Hire is another popular hiring platform intended to transform the screening and interview process. The platform offers interoperability with external applications, and reviews speak highly of its candidate filtering system for finding better candidates.

In terms of drawbacks, some reviewers report similar problems as HireVue such as lags. These problems also include calls dropping often, and emails going straight to recipients’ spam folders. Consequently, these drawbacks can lead to a negative candidate experience, harming the overall recruitment process as well as your employer brand.

ROI Solutions had hundreds of no-shows for their video interviews. When they switched to self-guided phone interviews, no-shows dropped from 50% to 7%. 

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On-Demand Phone Interviews vs. Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a video interview platform that spans over 100 countries and has been around since 2012. Unlike the other video platforms we’ve listed here, Spark Hire markets itself to companies of all sizes rather than catering to larger enterprises. It features strong connectivity with other hiring platforms as well as file-sharing options.

However, not even Spark Hire is without its drawbacks. Although Spark Hire has a better handle on its technical issues than its on-demand video competitors, it still comes with the drawbacks inherent in on-demand video interviews. For example, video interviews are not nearly accessible to everyone as phone interviews, and they do little to mitigate visual bias despite their claims as recruiters still review the visual aspects of the video interview.

Phone Interviews

✅  Mitigate Bias

✅ Accessibility

✅ Human Connection

✅  Consistency

✅  Fast Reviews

✅  High-Volume Hiring

Video Interviews

❌ Mitigate Bias

❌ Accessibility

✅  Human Connection

✅  Consistency

❌ Fast Reviews

❌ High-Volume Hiring

On-Demand Phone Interviews — All Benefits, No Drawbacks

When you’re looking for an on-demand interview solution without the drawbacks of video platforms, consider the phone interview. Similar to video interviews, audio-based alternatives allows you to screen more candidates faster than traditional methods.

On-demand phone interviews allow for the fastest review time, feature a capacity for high-volume recruiting, and offer the best accessibility of any other on-demand interview solution.

Qualifi provides all of these benefits without any of the drawbacks inherent in video interviews. With Qualifi’s on-demand interview platform, you mitigate all bias from the hiring process while providing a personable and consistent automated interview experience.  

Start your Qualifi pilot today to experience the power of on-demand phone interviews for yourself.

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