Qualifi + Fountain = supercharged hiring workflows

Get ready to streamline, scale, and speed up your recruiting process. Qualifi’s on-demand phone interviews now integrate directly with Fountain’s ATS.  Fill out the form below to get in touch and see the integration in action!

What makes Qualifi + Fountain so powerful?

Eliminate Scheduling
Invite candidates to interview as soon as they apply, listen to their responses all at once, and free up hours on your calendar each week.
Interview and Assess
Fountain customers can use Qualifi to automate the phone interview and assessment steps in their existing workflows, allowing you to recruit like your team is 7x larger.
Upgrade the Candidate
With Qualifi and Fountain working in tandem, candidates are given a quick and seamless experience throughout your hiring process, empowering you to be the first to make them an offer.
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