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How it works

As part of the Beta Test Group, your feedback on new features will be instrumental in shaping the future of our product.

Interactive Prototypes

Get hands-on experience with interactive prototypes showcasing our upcoming features. You'll provide crucial feedback and insights to ensure we design the best product for your team!

Loom Videos

Receive demo videos of new features each month. Comment on specific parts of the video to give us your insights and preferences on everything from the design, to the way a feature works.


We'll periodically send short surveys containing multiple-choice questions which you can take on your own time. Get rewarded with a $10 Amazon gift card.

Reward Options

Rewards are based on the duration and type of session.
5-10 min Survey
Receive a $10 gift card of your choice (Amazon + more) after submitting your survey responses.
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15-20 min Review
Receive a $20 gift card of your choice (Amazon + more) or choose a mystery gift basket of equal value.
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45-60 min Live Session
Receive a $50 gift card of your choice (Amazon + more) or choose a mystery gift basket of equal value.
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Have Questions?

What happens during the automated beta testing sessions?

During an automated session, you may be doing something as simple as reviewing a Loom video of a new feature, or something a little more interactive such as testing a clickable prototype. You'll provide feedback to us and answer some questions in order for us to provide the best experience possible.

What about during the live sessions?

During a live session, you'll either be using the live Qualifi app (in a safe sandbox environment), testing clickable prototypes, or a combination of the two. The point of a live session is to dig a little deeper and enable a more conversational approach for you to provide feedback to us.

Am I obligated to attend all the sessions/fill out all of the surveys?

Nope! After signing up to be a part of the beta testing group, you can decide which sessions and surveys you want to participate in. You can opt out of the group at any time - no hard feelings!

How do I receive my rewards?

For gift cards, you'll receive an email with the digital gift card of your choice (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, and more). If you select a gift basket, you'll receive your reward via USPS to your specified location.

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